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Sanford Community Adult Education

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21 Bradeen Street • Suite 201 • Springvale, ME 04083 • (207) 490-5145 • Fax: (207) 490-2478


Sanford Community Adult Education welcomes you to our website.  Here are a few must-know items about SCAE.

Our administrative offices are located at the Anderson Learning Center, 21 Bradeen Street (Suite 201) in Springvale.  For easy access to our offices, park in the lot behind the Springvale Library and District Courthouse.  The Anderson Learning Center is directly across the parking lot from the Library.  Proceed up the ramp (under our SCAE sign) and enter our lobby just inside the double doors.

Our Mission:  Venite. Discite. Vincite!  (Come. Learn. Conquer!)  Sanford Community Adult Education's mission is to provide high quality, lifelong learning opportunities that empower the individual and family to enhance their quality of life in the community.

We believe that SCAE provides "the best time you can spend on yourself, for yourself, anywhere!"  We know that we can meet your need, be it academic, training, skills-upgrading, or life enrichment.

Our Team:

Director:  Allen Lampert,

Academic Coordinator:  Lisa Blanchette,  

Career Counselor:  Christina Parks,

Families READ:  Jeanne MacDonald,

Arts Afire Studio Director:  Deb Thompson,

First Steps Early Learning Center:  Jessica Anderson,

Enrichment Coordinator:  Sue Colley,

Administrative Assistant: Georgina Hutchins,

Administrative Assistant: Lisa Merlin, 

Evening Secretary for Academics: Christine Hersom,

Evening Secretary for Enrichment: Karen Cheche,





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21 Bradeen Street • Suite 201 • Springvale, ME 04083 • (207) 490-5145 • Fax: (207) 490-2478