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Career & College Counseling

Thinking About College or Vocational School?
 If you have thought about attending college or vocational school, come see us!  We can:
 •help you locate the school that provides the educational and training programs that you are looking for -  the school that is right for you.
 •tell you about the admissions requirements for the colleges and schools that interest you and what to expect once you become a student.
 •help you complete the application for admission.
 If you qualify as a low-income applicant, we will request that the application fee be waived.

What About the Money??
Of course, colleges and vocational schools are not free.  Not only can we advise you of the costs, but we can also help you apply for financial aid to pay these expenses.   
•Some students will qualify for enough scholarship and grant aid to pay all of their expenses. 
•Other students may be able to pay for some of their expenses through part-time jobs on campus. 
•All students qualify, without a credit check, for low-interest student loans which do not have to be repaid until after college, usually with a ten-year payment plan.

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up??
For those who are not sure of their career goals, we also provide career counseling services including interest and aptitude testing. 
We are able to provide a wide array of career information including detailed descriptions of job duties, required training and skills, projected job opportunities, and wages and salaries.

Contact SCAE at (207) 490-5145 for more information!


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