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Employment Skills Certificate Program

SCAE’s Employment Skills Certificate Programs’ mission is to provide effective adult learning opportunities that result in increased employability, self-efficiency, and improved quality of life.”

In the early 1990’s Sanford Community Adult Education joined a consortium of adult education programs in York and Cumberland Counties in creating a job-training certificate program.  This program was called the Office Skills Certificate Program (OSCP) and SCAE participated in providing classes and issuing certificates.

In early 2004, Sanford Community Adult Education became aware that the OSCP was not sufficient to provide an individual with the multiple skills needed to obtain and retain a good clerical position. In short, a little bookkeeping and typing practice did not a good worker make!

As a result of that realization, Sanford Community Adult Education held dialogs with employers in the business community and educators within the clerical field.  Together this team formulated and eventually created our Employment Skills Certificate Program.   By the end of the 2004-05 school year, SCAE began issuing this new ESCP Certificate.

Some of the unique features of our ESCP are courses focusing on business ethics and customer service.  We have also added a medical component which includes medical terminology and billing and coding.  Several of our ESCP graduates have tested nationally in the top 5% for billing and coding!  Our statistics show that our more intensive, complete coursework really pays off for both students/employees and the employers who hire them.

How to Enroll:
Step 1:  Call SCAE and make an appointment to take a reading and math assessment called CASAS.

Step 2:  Make an intake appointment with the ESCP Coordinator (she will need the CASAS results).

Step 3:  Come to your Intake appointment with proof of High School Completion (diploma or GED) or be willing to sign a “Request for Transcript” form.

Employment Skills Certificates offered:

General Career Skills Certificate:   For those interested in improving basic skills for employment.
Prerequisite:  High School completion and CASAS Reading score of 236.
Requirements:  Business Ethics, Computer Literacy,
Employment Communications, Employment English Reading

Clerical:  For those interested in gaining entry- level clerical work or preparing for the next two certificates
Prerequisite:  General Career Skills Certificate
Requirements:  Customer Service, Computer Applications,
Accounting I, Employment English Writing and 30 wpm timing on a three-minute timing without errors.

Administrative Assistant:  An advanced certificate for those interested in moving up from an entry-level clerical position to positions with more responsibility
Prerequisite:  Clerical Certificate
Requirements:  Accounting II, Advanced Computers, Office Simulation, Job Shadow

Accounting Clerk:  An advanced certificate for those interested in clerical positions with financial components
Prerequisite:  Clerical Certificate and CASAS Math score of 245
Requirements:  Accounting II, Accounting III, Payroll Accounting, Computerized Accounting

Medical Secretary:  An advanced certificate for those
interested in clerical positions  in a medical setting
Prerequisite:  Clerical Certificate
Requirements:  Job Shadow, Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Billing & Coding I, Medical Billing & Coding II, Medical Office Simulation.





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