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Families Read

What is the purpose of Families READ?

The Families READ Family Literacy program provides parents the opportunity and access to educational services in order to improve their skills as family members, workers, and community members. In our work with families, we pursue four major goals:

  • To help parents improve their literacy skills needed to increase job opportunities and or achieve their high school credential
  • To help children reach their full potential as learners by the time they start school or as they continue through school
  • To help parents develop the skills needed to teach, support, and advocate for their children
  • To help children and parents identify opportunities to learn and grow together

What are the benefits of joining Families READ?

  • Families receive home visits or parent education classes from the Alliance for Healthy Families with age-appropriate activities for children, parenting support, and information   about community resources.
  • Families have fun while they learn during PACT time (Parent and Child Together).  This includes a parent support group, child activity time, and
    parent/child together time.

Who can join Families READ?

You can!  By meeting the three following requirements, you can join our year-long program: 

  • Families with a child five years old or younger. 
  • Families where at least one parent does not have a diploma or GED.
  • Families with an income less than:

  Family Size  Weekly Income
  2 $431
  3 $543
  4 $655
  5 $766
  6 $878
  7 $990
  8 $1,101



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