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High School Diploma


You may be closer than you think to earning your diploma.  Sanford Community Adult Education offers classes in the mornings, afternoons and evenings to help you reach your goal of earning a high school credential.  You may attend up to six classes per session to complete graduation requirements.  Classes meet two days per week.  The course registration fees are waived. 

Enjoy small classes with lots of individualized attention and supplemental tutoring if needed.  All previous credits earned are applied toward your Sanford High School diploma.  Transportation is available to those who qualify in the Sanford/Springvale area using the WAVE from York County Community Action’s transportation department. 

If you are interested in an adult high school diploma, call SCAE at 490-5145 to set up an intake meeting, and to schedule math & reading assessments.

Graduation Requirements for Adult Education:
Successful completion of the following core requirements:
Five (5) credits in English
Three (3) credits in Mathematics
Three (3) credits in Science
Three (3) credits in Social   Studies (including one (1) in U.S. History/Modern History)
One (1) credit in Fine Arts
One (1) credit in Computer Literacy
One (1) credit in Computer Applications
One-half (1/2) credit in Health
•One hour of community service is required for each credit-bearing class taken at SCAE.  Three hours minimum even if you take less than three classes. Maximum hours twenty. Prior Community Service can be transferred if it occurred during the past five years. 

A 246 or higher score on the CASAS (Comprehensive Adult
Student Assessment System) test in Reading and Math.

Please Note:
1.  Students who would have graduated prior to 1998 will need a minimum of twenty (20) credits.
2.  Students who would have graduated in 1998 will need a minimum of twenty-two (22) credits.
3.  Students who would have graduated in 1999 or later will need a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits.


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