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Maine College and Career Access

What is MCCA?

In the Fall of 2006, the leadership at Sanford Community Adult Education became aware of a discouraging statistic regarding area adults and local state and community colleges.  Many area adults looking to go to (or go back to) college were not being successful in their endeavors.  A requirement for admission is taking the Accuplacer exam.  This exam shows a student’s strengths and weaknesses in mathematics and language arts and helps to determine that student’s placement in appropriate-level classes.  
Many adults achieved scores that placed them in classes that were lower than the college level.  The colleges had a solution to this problem - which was to develop pre-college (non-credit-bearing) classes for these students to take in preparation for credit classes.  And, the good news is that these classes would be eligible for financial aid funds!

The bad news?  People were using up all their financial aid on expensive developmental classes through the colleges and not earning any college credits in the process!

The better news?  SCAE developed the Removing Obstacles Achieving Dreams (ROAD) program where students could take the same preparatory classes with SCAE at a fraction of the cost. ROAD is Sanford's Maine College and Career Access program.

Who should apply for MCCA?

•Current adult high school diploma and GED candidates who want to go to college
•Past graduates of high school or adult education who need a skills boost to succeed in college
•Adults who are referred by local post-secondary schools as needing multiple developmental classes

Why should I apply for MCCA?

Going back to school can be a scary decision. 
Let MCCA help you ease back into school.  Develop and sharpen your skills for success in math, reading, writing and computers. Gain the confidence you need to succeed. Get the “inside scoop” on college life and expectations. Network with others who have “been there, done that!”

Are there benefits?

•Placement in classes that are appropriate to your skill level
•Registration fees waived for MCCA classes
•Free transportation for those who qualify from Sanford/Springvale to  MCCA classes
•Site visits to local colleges 
•Free career & college counseling
•Assistance with college applications
•Assistance with applying for financial aid
•Eligibility for up to $500 in scholarships

Requirements for MCCA

•Minimum of 4 hours of career/college counseling.
•Successful completion of MCCA courses (up to 3 English classes, Math through Algebra II, How Do I Get There from Here?, Computer Literacy, and Computer Applications).
•Book rental, materials & lab fees.
•Adherence to the attendance policy of SCAE.


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