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University Classes at SCAE

For thousands of Maine people who cannot pursue studies on a campus, success starts at University College.  As the University of Maine System’s distance education organization, University College offers access to courses and programs from the seven universities at more than 75 locations and online. More than three thousand Maine people take courses and work toward degrees at University College outreach Centers and sites each semester.

Students who choose to take classes at University College typically are older than the traditional college population. They have a strong desire to improve their lives by going to college, but often are place-bound by employment and family responsibilities. University College was created to turn their aspirations into achievable goals.

At nine University College Centers, students choose from more than 250 courses taught by faculty on-site, via interactive television, and through online instruction.

University College also offers courses at dozens of community sites. Located largely in high schools throughout Maine, these sites allow students to take any of the hundreds of university courses offered over interactive television and the Web each semester. A site coordinator monitors classrooms, collects and distributes materials, and proctors exams.

At both University College Centers and sites, students can work toward one of the 39 degree or certificate programs offered at a distance by the University of Maine System campuses.
Until the Summer of 2008, the location which now houses SCAE was leased to the Sanford Center of the University College of Maine System.  In July of 2008, the University System decided to close the Sanford Center due to low enrollments and to move those services to the University Center in Saco.  Sanford Community Adult Education was delighted to not only take over their space at the Anderson Learning Center in Springvale, but also to take on the responsibility of offering college level classes as one of the University’s two Super Sites. 

There are many sites around the State, usually housed in adult education programs, which offer Interactive Television (ITV) classes for both the University of Maine at Augusta and the University of Southern Maine.  What makes Sanford a Super Site is the fact that we are also able to offer Compressed Video classes, thus increasing course options to local residents.  For more information, contact Kathy Kane Authier at UC Saco at 1-800-696-3391.


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